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Q: How does the HeadNoise Fit connect to my phone? How far is the range?
A: HeadNoise uses Bluetooth v4.1 to connect media and app data to the headband. You can go as far as 100 feet with crystal clear audio connection.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: The battery will last for approximately 6 hours on a full charge. Thanks to the USB Type C charging port, HeadNoise will only take 1 hour to fully charge.

Q: Will it fit my head?
A: The CORE is designed so that the transducers sit around the temple area for the average sized head. In addition, the material allows it to adapt to your forehead for comfortability.

Q: Can you listen to different forms of audio other than music, such as podcasts?
A: Absolutely! Once your phone connects to the HeadNoise headband via Bluetooth, any audio that you play on your phone will play on the headband.

Q: How is the bone conduction and biometric technology integrated into the headband? Can I wash the headband safely?
A: The headband has a removable unit called the CORE, which contains two transducer units for bone conduction along with the pedometer, hydration sensors, and heartbeat monitor. They are all connected to the battery unit and bluetooth chip. This CORE can be easily taken out of the headband so that the headband can be safely washed after workouts.

Q: Is the HeadNoise Fit waterproof?
A: The HeadNoise has an Ingress Protection rating of 65, meaning it will be safe from rain and sweat but not total submersion. HeadNoise is not designed for swimmers (at least not yet!).

Q: Do you have to remove the CORE to charge it? Does the charging cord come included in the package?
A: Yes, you have to remove the CORE from the headband to plug it in and charge it. Yes, a USB Type-C charging cord is included with the purchase of each full HeadNoise headband.