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Micah Givens

Micah is the chief executive and co-founder of Headnoise. Micah has always sought to find answers to the world’s problems through technology. Now his focus is on revolutionizing the way we workout through wearable technology.


Marcos Zacarias

Marcos is the lead hardware designer and co-founder of Headnoise. Originally from Madrid, Spain, Marcos arrived in the US at age 14 to attend school while his family stayed in Europe. His passion for technology started at his high school robotics team; he hasn’t stopped connecting circuits since.


Ponch Chantha
Business Development

Ponch taps into a little bit of everything here at HeadNoise. From managing social media, copywriting, and graphic designing with Jave to strategizing growth and development with Micah, Ponch’s contributions stem from his ability to seamlessly add value to whatever he does. His work ethic and grit are direct results of his passion for growth and drive for success.


Jave Bjorkman

Jave is the head of marketing, photography, videography, and everything else creative at Headnoise. Jave’s passion for storytelling stems from his love of connecting with people and spreading their unique perspective to others.